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RDF20 Exhibitor Details

RDF20 Exhibitor Detail




The Power of Data- For everyone. Anywhere. In real-time.

 EDGE is an international cloud-based clinical trials management system which has successfully been embedded into the clinical research infrastructure within 80% of the NHS. EDGE is an innovative programme dedicated to developing a unique approach to the management and conduct of clinical research through its purpose-built software. EDGE has functions to support everyone involved in the delivery of research. Workflows track and manage R&D processes, as well as for Pharmacy, Radiology and all other support departments. Patient management allows clinical staff to manage their patients, including visit tracking and electronic delegation logs. Finance functionality allows accurate real-time invoicing based on actual visit data from your clinical staff. Document control ensures everyone works from the same copy of trial documents such as protocols and consent forms. The combination of all of this in one system means that everyone working in clinical research in your organisation knows exactly what is happening and has access to all the information they need in one place to do their job efficiently. Not only does the EDGE programme improve the quality of research data but it also provides more time to be spent with patients, delivering better care and faster treatment.



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