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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

Poster Title 
Raising the profile of Research and Innovation – making it everyone’s Business

NHS Organisations are good at disseminating the findings and outputs of Research and Innovation (R and I) with the wider community but often forget to inform their own staff and Service Users of the excellent work that is being undertaken. The poster will outline the work that Birmingham and Solihull NHS Trust has done to promote R and I to service users and staff across the Trust.

The poster will include a summary of the following:

– The production of posters highlighting the history of R and I at BSMHFT – from the Northfield Experiments in the 1940’s to the introduction of the first Early Intervention Services for Youth Mental Health to the development of predictive analytics to prevent mental health crisis.

– Production of videos/short stories to promote the services of the R and I department to staff and service users – some of these are service user led, others are from R and I delivery staff, fellows and academics and from staff at sites who have benefitted from the impact(s) of R and I in their department

– Development of a searchable repository of Research, Innovation, Audit and Service Evaluations undertaken and the Trust to inform services and commissioners

– Production of R and I activity reports to all local clinical governance committees on current activity, outputs and findings relevant to the local service area

The take home message is that by ensuring R and I is visible to all, it has helped to increase the number of PIs (in particular non-medical PIs) across the Trust, to increase the number of service users who are offered the opportunity to participate in research, it has increased the number of robust service evaluations undertaken at the trust and finally, is supporting the strategic objective to embed R&I across the organisation.



  • Patterson, Emma: Head of Research and Innovation
Birmingham and Solihull Menal Health NHS Foundation Trust