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Kingston Hospital -the most improved acute trust for research 2 years in a row

In 2014, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KHFT) was the worst performing trust across the whole of south London. KHFT then appointed a new Lead for Research – Dr Helen Matthews who was successful in getting funds for a Research Coordinator from the CRN South London to drive and increase research activity across the trust. The Research Coordinator started at the end of 2014 and quickly got new studies open and recruitment picked up for the financial year 2015-2016. Being the metaphorical hand to support and demystify research, clinical staff grew in confidence and their perception of research changed and they saw how research can be embedded into their clinics, and departments. Furthermore the coordinator became a GCP facilitator and was able to offer GCP training in house. This was a catalyst for more studies opening and more staff being appointed to support the growing portfolio. By the end of 2016/17 the trust had 28 Studies open which had increased from 6 the year before. The trust was being recognised for its rapid increase in recruitment and more departments within the hospital were keen to participate in research. By the end of 2018/19 there was a 94% increase in research with 54 studies open, of which 4 were commercial, and over 900 participants recruited. The research Department has been nominated as the ‘Best behind the Scenes Team’ in the trust staff awards and is now staffed with research nurses, coordinators, an apprentice, facilitator and manager. The department continues to go from strength to strength and already for this financial year has recruited more than a 1000 patients to research. The success of this research department is down to opening the right studies, engaging and encouraging staff both consultant and non-consultant colleagues to take on the role of PI and enriching clinical duties and improving patient care.

  • CROOKS, Jennifer (Research Manager: Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)
  • QUAMINA, Charlotte (Research Coordinator; Kingston Hospital NHS foundation Trust)
  • MCKENLEY, India (Research Apprentice: Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)
Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust