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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

Poster Title 
What Have Research Contracts Ever Done For Us?


This poster will provide a bite sized overview to explain and contextualise research contracts used in the set-up of clinical trials and will apply to clinical research sponsored by commercial and non-commercial entities.

It will be relevant to R&D staff with and without experience of contracting and enhance the understanding of contractual requirements potentially facilitating the contractual set-up of studies through improved staff engagement early on in the contracting process. It will also be accessible to non-R&D staff who are interested in gaining an insight into the research contract area.

The poster will explain how research contracts are important to define responsibilities, allocate the benefits, mitigate any risks fairly and outline the recourse in the event of any problems for the legal entities involved in the clinical trial.

The poster will focus on, but not necessarily restricted to, the following aspects:

  1. Define what a contract is and why contracts are required.
  2. Outline how responsibilities are defined.
  3. Assess any potential risks e.g. indemnities.
  4. Consider any potential benefits e.g. publication.
  5. Discuss what recourse is available if a problem arises e.g. mediation.
  6. Summarise how contracts protect both the NHS Organisation and individual members of staff
  • MCCORMICK-POWER, Morag (Research Contracts Specialist: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust