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RDF19 Poster Detail

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Research Operation Managers (ROM): Building the CRN and R&D community

NIHR Study Support Service(SSS) was introduced to complement existing research support infrastructures within R&D Offices in NHS Organisations across England.  SSS enables consistent, streamlined expertise for researchers & the life sciences industry, for the set up & delivery of high quality research to time & target (TaT) in both the NHS and Health & social care environment.  In North East & North Cumbria (NENC), we used this as an opportunity to reconfigure our support infrastructure with an aim to create a team of experts across medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, & social care needs that collaboratively work with the regional R&D community to provide a complementary SSS.

The transition commenced  in 2017. Expert staff from the Industry, primary care & Non-Commercial within NENC created a single role, ROM, with a primary focus to provide coordination and management of commercial & non-commercial research; with an emphasis on ensuring successful delivery of all commercial research and regionally-led chief investigator (CI)  research.  The primary purpose to deliver the elements of the SSS, prioritising recruitment to TaT (HLO2a&b) and maintaining strong relationships with research teams and R&D.

The transition was well-received by sponsors and researchers who expressed high satisfaction in a single point of contact and access to a wide range of expertise.   The ROMs alongside the Study SSS Lead has enabled consistent regional implementation of SSS. I.e the CRN & R&D community together designed, finalised and implemented a single regional approach for the management and identification of Excess Treatment Costs.


The role has already led to access to expertise regionally and there has been a reputational benefit for the region leading to closer working relationships with sponsors and R&D teams on the ground.  The role is continually improving requiring intensive effort, specific resource and training, and SOPs, continually adapted, are used to support the role.

  • FENWICK, Jemma ( Research Operations Manager: CRN NENC)
  • BURTON, Morag ( Chief Operation Officer: CRN NENC)
  • HENDERSON, Joanna ( Research Operations Manager: CRN NENC)
  • SHIRLEY, Kim ( Research Operations Manager: CRN NENC)
Clinical Research Network- NENC