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Integrating Teams for Research


To develop a model of integrated working across the Trust, by aligning R&D and nursing research teams to the hospital divisional clinical delivery team.


University Hospital Southampton (UHS) NHS Foundation Trust is a large acute teaching hospital  working in  collaboration with the University of Southampton  to deliver an interesting, inspiring,  research portfolio for patient benefit.

In response to the implementation of the Health Research Authority processes, UHS R&D restructured the team roles. R&D created divisional teams that aligned to the research nurse arrangements and reflected hospital divisional structures. This has removed disjointed and silo working, allowed the teams a greater depth for oversight of the specialties within the divisions.  It has enhanced integration of research into clinical practice,   securing a cohesive, strategic partnership right from the start of project planning.

Through wider involvement of the clinical team, we are obtaining vital clinical expertise which has become invaluable for robust study set up.  We are able to make informed and rapid decisions about how to run a study, empowering study teams with the knowledge to succeed. This is of wider importance locally, regionally and nationally with all our stakeholders.

R&D staffs, Lead Nurses, Investigators and the wider clinical teams meet regularly to review the portfolio’s trajectory and confirm it is on course to deliver agreed recruitment targets.  Close working relationships are essential to ensure swift resolutions of difficulties.  This exemplar embodies our Trust values of patients first, working together and always improving, reinforcing the premise that patients are at the centre of all we do. It demonstrates a model for the bright future of research teams working across the Trust.


Our research teams’ collaborative approach enables UHS to provide safe, feasible, effective oversight of set-up, delivery and overall study performance together with our clinical colleagues.

  • Kirsty Gladas, Divisional Senior Research Sister, UHS
  • Shauna Marshall, Divisional Research Manager, UHS
University Hospital Southampton Foundation Trust (UHS)