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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

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Application of TriNetX: cohort analysis; site selection and patient recruitment

MFT is a research active district hospital based in Kent. To help expand and grow our research portfolio, MFT joined TriNetx, a Federated Global Health Research Network.  The appliance ingests anonymised/pseudo-anonymised patient data selected by the Trust, for example patient demographics, medications, laboratory, oncology, diagnoses and procedures. The only data that leaves the Trust are statistical aggregated counts (i.e., numbers) which are results of queries.  Locally the research team have access to superior cohort discovery and advanced research analytics / trial design tools, allowing querying research data in ways which were not possible before. Being part of a global network allows the Trust to undertake research and/or collaborate with other healthcare organisations on a local, national or international basis, attract more sponsored trials, increase patient participation in clinical trials, improve clinical research against own patient population, facilitate collaborative & multi-site research with peer institutions and support successful grant applications. The platform at MFT went live on October 19th 2018 and the Trust received their first commercial opportunity via TriNetX on 25th October 2018.  

The presentation would be a joint effort between MFT and TriNetX and would outline the implementation process, experiences and outcomes of the application. The project supports NHS England’s Five Year Forward View that states ‘The ability to collect, aggregate and analyse the data generated by the NHS is not only critical to delivering the triple aims of healthcare, but also underpins the NHS and wider life sciences research strategies. Interoperability will be key to successfully making use of NHS data to support the life sciences research strategy.’

  • McCallum, Edyta
  • Underhill, Paula
Medway NHS Foundation Trust