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RDF19 Poster Detail

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Staff Rentention Initiative – working towards a flexiable, adaptive workforce!

Objective of the poster is how we have tried to prevent losing experienced staff to other research organisations.


Retaining experienced research staff within organisations seems to be a common issue, one which is shared across many NHS trusts. Within our own Trust we noticed a trend with employees leaving to fill positions in other research institutions.

This is supported by WM CRN who state “that 1022 post funded fully or partially by the NIHR, the head count is relatively consistent from 2016/2017.”

They reported that regionally there is a difficulty in recruiting and retaining experienced research staff.



As staff numbers in the region do not seem to be decreasing, it can be assumed that these members are leaving one organisation and moving to another.

Our research department has tried to overcome the trend of migrating staff and attempted to retain staff by developing the existing workforce.

We have seen this with a Clinical Trials Assistant developing into trust sponsored monitor within the company. This employee was able to progress professionally and adapt existing skills in a new role. This then leads to job satisfaction and feeling valued, therefore not feeling the need to leave the trust.

In developing staff members this means the department has a flexible, adaptive workforce. A team which is sustainable with cross transferable skills. It is utilising the abilities the team has and also keeps the knowledge and experience within. Therefore retaining the staff it has developed, with no gaps that need to be filled.


In doing this the department can ensure the continuity of the service, by maintaining and sustaining quality of the work they do.

By retaining experienced staff at site this ensure high standards, efficiency and best practice continues at the trust.

Also emerging new roles within the unit can encourage staff to progress and develop further internally.


  • Stelfox, Lucy, Project Co-ordinator/Sponsored Project Monitor, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust