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Community Health Alliance of Research Trusts

A meeting in 2017 saw recognition of a shared appreciation for the challenges and strengths faced by research active community trusts. This prompted the group to reach out to fellow community based organisations with a vision of understanding the barriers and facilitators to growing a research active culture in such organisations.

Even with some experienced and well-established teams, community trusts as a whole tend to be newer to the research scene. They have access to large, diverse and untapped populations, covering wide geographic areas, often with rich cultural and social diversity. Staff come from a range of professional groups, with the majority being non-medical, autonomous practitioners. They are often research interested and excited, rather than research weary.

However, with these strengths come some challenges such as geography, hindering the ability to reach staff and to create a research active culture. For many community trusts there is no history of research specific funding or opportunity to recruit to commercial studies. This presents challenges for teams in getting off the starting block or showcasing their opportunities to develop.

A year on and the community of trusts has widened, coming together for the Community Health Alliance of Research Trusts (CHART) launch event in November 2018 to discuss opportunities and how to progress them.

With nearly 30 trusts on board there is now a collective drive to move from a low baseline to an alliance with clear aims and objectives. The group has created a working document detailing the clinical strengths in each organisation alongside a research profile. The launch event had welcomed representation from CRN, NIHR, AHSN and clinical leads, giving the wider group the opportunity for community specific conversations. The opportunities for the group to develop studies that are designed to be led in community settings is proving ever possible.

  • TOMLINSON Lee (Research & Development Manager: Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust)
  • BURT Christine (Portfolio Research Manager: Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust)
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust