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Patient Research Ambassadors: structured training workshops in research


To provide training and development opportunities for Patient Research Ambassadors to enhance their role in clinical research.



The national Patient Research Ambassador (PRA) programme promotes health research from a patient perspective. PRAs are volunteers who work with the Research & Development team at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust to publicise clinical research to members of the public in an accessible way.  Our five PRAs comprise of individuals from a range of backgrounds who are enthusiastic about research and are willing to communicate that to patients and public.


Training and development opportunities were required to improve the PRAs’ understanding of clinical research. Structured training workshops were designed in which Research Nurses/Practitioners worked with PRAs, giving them an overview of the types of trials.  Role play was used to demonstrate initial approaches to patients to participate in trials.


Additionally the PRAs reviewed the Participant Information Sheets (PIS) for each study prior to the workshop and brought questions and observations to the day. These were discussed with research team members, extending the PRAs’ knowledge of important facets of clinical research, including:

  • Content of PIS.
  • Language challenges.
  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria to determine eligibility.



A structured training workshop including role play has demonstrated PRAs’ increased knowledge of clinical research.



  • STOKES, Liz (Clinical Trials Assistant: North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust)
  • BARCROFT, Shan (Research & Development Co-ordinator: North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust)
  • MAXTON, Fiona (Lead Nurse – Research & Development: North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust)
  • CARMICHAEL, Deborah (Research & Development Manager: North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust)
North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust