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RDF19 Poster Detail

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One Wales approach for research costings and contracts review and negotiation

The Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Service’s mission is to facilitate health and social care research that will improve the health and well-being of people in Wales by providing an effective and efficient one Wales approach for processing Costings and Contracts.

We know from feedback from research Sponsors that two of the main areas that delay studies being able to be set up quickly are the negotiations on costs for the study and the contracting terms.

In Wales, we have successfully piloted a way to review and negotiate contracts and costings once for studies involving more than one NHS organisation. We would like to share our experience with NHS R&D colleagues.

The ‘One Wales’ approach reduces duplication of reviews of these elements when a study is being set up in more than one NHS organisation in Wales, so the review and negotiation is done once. This means that commercial and non-commercial Sponsors can set up studies in multiple sites across Wales in a single access, streamlined and efficient way.

Welsh NHS organisations and the Support & Delivery Centre have worked in partnership to develop and implement the One Wales approach. Contract reviews have been standardised and agreement reached on using standardised base costs for research related activities across organisations. This has provided confidence in the consistency of reviews and enabled key principles to be agreed for the Costings and Contracts negotiations for research studies across the NHS in Wales.

A Lead reviewer acts as a single point of contact for the Sponsor, collaboratively reviewing and negotiating the costs and contracting terms on behalf of all the participating NHS organisations in Wales. The pilot has already delivered tangible benefits to Sponsors and participating NHS organisations in terms of reducing time taken to agree these elements and therefore facilitating efficient study set up.

This poster reflects the work and discussions that have evolved during the last two years with the focus on a joined up, seamless One Wales Approach to Costings and Contracts negotiations for research study site agreements and costings calculations.

  • Harris, Matthew (Research Engagement Lead, Health and Care Research Wales)
  • Hodgson, Helen (Senior Research Funding, Portfolio & Directory Manager, Health and Care Research Wales)
Health and Care Research Wales