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Raising the Profile of the Research Nurse: A Study in Two Hospitals

This research was carried out to investigate role acceptance and performance of the Research Nurse. Semi structured face to face interviews were conducted with Cardiology Ward Nurses across two hospitals to find out Ward Nurses’ perceptions of Research Nurses. Thematic analysis was used to analyse the transcripts.


Participants expressed an interest in research and the role of the Research Nurse, and demonstrated that research was valued. It was clear that the role of the Research Nurse is still misunderstood, but was also evident that communication by Research Nurses could be improved upon. Interviewees were unaware of the studies ongoing in their own departments but expressed an interest to learn more about the area.


As a result, communication should be improved upon, possibly using methods such as emails, newsletters and training sessions. Furthermore, Research Nurses need to introduce themselves and explain the reason for their presence on the wards and the studies they are working on. This will improve working relationships and aid in contributing to positive perceptions and a work place culture conducive to research, in turn increasing recruitment.


Due to time limitations of this project, this study was only explorative and not conclusive. It is recommended that further research is carried out using a larger sample, covering a variety of sites to ensure further credibility and transferability.

  • TURNER, Charlotte (Specialist Research Nurse: Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • WINTRUP, Julie (Principal Teaching Fellow: University of Southampton)
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust