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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

Poster Title 
Do you know who we are? Promoting research and innovation in an acute trust.


Our poster shows a summary of the steps taken to raise the profile of research and innovation within an acute Trust, in order to increase staff and public engagement and become an essential part of the patient journey.


Our own journey started in response to some patient and staff feedback saying they had no idea there was any research at this Trust – despite an active portfolio! We developed a new strategy involving staff and research participants to maximise communication about what we do and how everyone can be involved. This included:

New steering group – staff and patients/public to decide how to tackle this problem of poor visibility

New strategy – to ensure we have a common aim and a forum to measure impact

New branding – research delivery team uniforms, logo

New communications – newsletters, research forums, open days, posters, website, video, thank you letter from CEO to research patients, news stories in local press, TV news, social media

New scope – Trust induction days, patient education days, Trust conference, student nurse placements, bank nurses

New collaborations – research friends and ambassadors, charities, universities, other Trusts

The impact of our strategy is measureable – we now have greater engagement and activity in all care groups, more active researchers, and research staff report being approached by patients and staff about what research is available. Our initial milestones have been achieved, and we have over 150 ‘Research Friends’ (research participants who have gone on to volunteer to support our work). Everything we do is endorsed at executive level and research is increasingly being seen as an essential part of how we deliver patient centred care.

Take Home Message

Research and innovation has to be an essential part of the patient journey and at the heart of what we do – as, without it, nothing will ever change.

  • STIRRUP, Sarah (Senior Research Nurse: EKHUFT)
  • HULBERT, Ruth (Lead Research Nurse: EKHUFT)
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT)