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Maximising Your Research Scholarship Application

Irrespective of career level, research scholarships offer significant career opportunities for both clinical and non-clinical research staff. Provided by a range of organisations scholarships are designed to support talented individuals with the potential and trajectory to become future leaders in health and social care research. Consequently, research scholarships are highly competitive and prestigious. Writing a successful application times take and needs to be approached in an efficient and effective manner. The final submission is a result of several drafts and critique from colleagues. It is a process, each step necessitates careful consideration providing opportunities to learn and reflect along the way but what should be included?

A common theme within most scholarships is demonstrating your aptitude for research, the potential impact of your research and that your proposed research aligns with the awarding bodies strategic priorities. Crafting your application to address each of the review criteria is key. There is a finite amount of words to make a lasting impression, so it is crucial to make the most of this opportunity

So how do you make your application stand out? What distinguishes you from other applicants as a prominent contender and creates lasting impact? Make your scholarship application unique to you, personalize it, convey your passion and drive to study your subject, submit responses that could only relate to you. Identify and contact potential supervisors whose research intersects with your proposed research topic well in advance of the scholarship closing date. Contact your referees in advance and provide them will a reference folder enabling them to comment on your research capability.

Writing a successful scholarship application requires hard work, focus, and organisation but receiving a scholarship can significantly enhance educational and employment opportunities. This poster highlights key hints and tips that can be extrapolated to any research scholarship application.

  • Humphreys, Sally : ACET Lead Clinical Researcher : West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust