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Developing research confidence within pre-reg nursing students: A collaboration

Engage pre-registration mental health nurses in research with the aim of developing research confidence, skill and language which can be translated into the workplace once qualified,

In regards to research, nurses within the organisation have  cited a lack of confidence, perceived lack of skill and time, as all being barriers to becoming engaged in research (Welfare-Wilson and Scrivener 2015).  This is reflected in hesitancy to refer into studies, writing for publication or considering undertaking research.

These findings led to collaboration between KMPT’s R&D department and Canterbury Christ Church University whereby R&D staff taught workshop style sessions with the aim of demystifying research, engaging students in research processes and promoting the role of the nurse within research. It is envisaged that through continued collaborations, there will be a shift in the culture of nursing research within the Trust, which has historically viewed research as being a task undertaken by professionals other than nursesTeaching has been well received and has afforded the opportunity for students to learn more about the processes of research early on in their nursing journey.  Our presence has ensured that students are aware that KMPT is a research active Trust.  Due to this collaboration, we have built upon our HEI relationships and in reciprocation of teaching time have had bespoke training delivered to us, as well as working jointly to host an inaugural research conference for student nurses, as a further way of developing interest, skills and confidence in research

Working alongside HEI’s is invaluable, to the students, R&D department, and organisation.  We are confident that together we can begin to challenge and change the culture and views held of nurses in research and ensure that upon qualification students are well versed in the language of research and can discuss with confidence among teams, peers and client’s.

  • Welfare-Wilson Alison, Clinical Research Nurse, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust
  • Wilson Peter, Senior lecturer, programme director, Canterbury Christ Church University
Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust