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Perfecting partnerships in Public Involvement

Sometimes it’s difficult to ensure that public involvement happens. The Research Design and Conduct Service (RDCS) in Swansea Trials Unit recognised that tight deadlines for funding calls and the established process of involving members of the public in research could be an obstacle for grant writers needing to involve the public in their research.

The RDCS worked in collaboration with the Health and Care Research Wales Public Involvement and Engagement team (PI&E), who support and facilitate public involvement in health and social care research and share best practice, to establish a new process and pilot a new rapid response public group

This became known as the Population Advice for Research Committee (PARC) and can now be accessed quickly and directly by the researchers who engage the services of the RDCS.  Individuals with an interest in health and social care research and wishing to join the PARC group are offered support from both teams so they feel equipped to provide insight in developing the research proposals. The researchers agree to ensure project documents are easy to understand and are prepared to respond constructively to feedback from a public perspective.

The pilot was successful and the PI&E team used its links and trusted relationships to share the initiative across the infrastructure in Wales.  To date the three RDCS’s in Wales have formed these groups, they now include ‘PARC – Bangor’ in North Wales and ‘Research Ready Review Group’ (RRRG) in Cardiff to address the same challenges.

Since establishing these groups there has been a growth in the numbers of studies in the early design stage that have benefited from meaningful public involvement. It has led to an increase in the success for grant applications and members of the public involved being named as co-applicants.

  • BURNS, Rebecca (Public Involvement Manager: Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Centre)
  • LANGLEY, Emma (Public Involvement and Engagement Co-ordinator: Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Centre)
  • NOLLETT, Claire (Research Associate: Centre for Trails Research, Cardiff University)
  • SPENCER, Llinos Haf (Research Officer and Public Involvement Lead: NWORTH Trials Unit, Bangor University)
Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Centre