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RDF19 Poster Detail

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Small steps make big changes: innovation and improvement in PPIE primary care

The CRN West Midlands Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE)  team have developed a unified approach towards raising awareness of clinical research in primary care through initiating three innovation and improvement (I&I)  projects to achieve local and national PPIE aims and objectives. Developing a culture of innovation and improvement through PPIE has provided new opportunities and created new partnerships for staff, patients and the public.

In collaboration with Join Dementia Research (JDR) the Join Dementia Primary Care Working Group along with their colleagues are raising awareness with the aim of increasing recruitment to dementia research studies and understanding of the initiative  by increasing the visibility of JDR, providing information and offering the opportunity to try out interactive JDR kiosks in: GP Practices, libraries, pharmacies, events such as local Memory Walks and dementia cafes.

An NIHR small grant for innovation in PPIE has provided the funds to purchase thirty bespoke vidibooks, in collaboration with Health and Care Videos company. The vidibooks will be used to increase research awareness and improve patients’ understanding about health research through watching four, short videos and animations. The vidibooks will be available for patients to use in 30 practices around the West Midlands region.

As well as our innovation and improvement projects the CRN West Midlands PPIE Working Group are working towards increasing the representation of Patient Research Ambassadors (PRAs) in primary care to help embed a patient centred research culture, supporting the development of research in the West Midlands. The initiative is supported by the CRN and primary care colleagues and led by the CRN West Midlands primary care PPIE team.

This culture of improvement and innovation is creating impact through : involving patients and the public in these projects and initiatives; building collaborations and partnerships outside the CRN to generate new opportunities; whilst measuring our failures and successes and sharing our work with the wider networks and communities.

  • Hoverd, Eleanor – Research Nurse CRN West Midlands
  • Mulcahy, Gerri – Research Facilitator CRN West Midlands
Clinical Research Network (CRN) West Midlands