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RDF19 Poster Detail

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CRN West Midlands Primary Care Team: Supporting research from idea to delivery

The CRN West Midlands Primary Care Team is the amalgamation of three locality teams working as one unified team and service covering the whole of the West Midlands LCRN.  Our aims are a) to increase the number of primary care studies delivered and patients recruited, and b) to ensure that all primary care studies running in our region start in a timely manner, recruit all the participants needed to make the study a success and finish on time.

The team provides a dedicated support service to studies eligible for CRN support at all stages of the study life-cycle including: early contact and engagement with researchers, research management support, study set-up and delivery, performance monitoring, research infrastructure and funding, and training.   Working within our specialist functions enables us to communicate and engage research nurses, research facilitators and operational managers to look at study feasibility, grant applications, cost attribution and HRA submissions.

The Primary Care team’s provision of support and training covers a breadth of areas and to a variety of stakeholders, for example; supporting GP Practices to obtain research ready accreditation to Good Clinical Practice training, through to Cost Attribution and HRA submission training for study teams, and also the provision of research passports/HR agreements.  Beyond this we have an internal CRN Infrastructure to optimise study delivery, with Research Nurse Teams and Research Facilitators who specialise in study set-up and delivery at GP Practices and other NHS organisations. This cohesive and joined up approach to supporting studies in Primary Care has improved engagement with research active GP Practices in the offering of research opportunities and supporting study delivery to time and target.

CRN West Midlands Primary Care has proven this model of support works and is demonstrated through successively achieving the highest recruitment for Primary Care in the country.

  • Thakrar, Lauren (Senior Research Support Facilitator, CRN West Midlands)
  • White, Gail (Primary Care Study Support Manager, CRN West Midlands)
  • Hollinshead, Sophie (Assistant Research Facilitator, CRN West Midlands)
  • Thomas, Ian (Portfolio Manager – Primary Care, CRN West Midlands)
CRN West Midlands