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Standardising Health Informatics Developments in the West Midlands

Historically, HI provision has been provided through collaboration between Keele Clinical Trials Unit and CRN staff, involving the generation of searches, pop-ups and provided quality assurance for these developments.

The CRN identified constraints to this arrangement due to the CRN West Midlands team being divided to cover 3 geographical localities.   This resulted in an absence of a formalised, consistent approach to HI developments, which on occasion resulted in a duplication of work and an overall inconsistency to the methods used to identify patients for the same study.

The Recruitment Optimisation Support Team (ROST) was formed in late 2017 with a view to meeting the Health Informatics requirements of studies recruiting patients from Primary Care settings in the West Midlands. 

It was agreed that the remit of ROST would largely revolve around HI developments for purposes only related to the identification of patients for research studies, consistent with the ACORD costing guidelines.  In addition, ROST would also develop “internal” tools to aid the CRN during recruitment.  For example, Templates on GP clinical systems to be used by CRN Nurses for data collection purposes during research appointments and clinics, would be developed and quality assured by the ROST team.

ROST are also committed to the up-skilling of the wider West Midlands delivery team in Primary Care, by developing an Informatics skills matrix, at user and developer level, to ensure the informatics workload can be delivered consistently and effectively region wide.

The overall activity of the ROST group has been agreed and designed to be fully coherent with the plans moving forward of the National IT Sub-group to coordinate HI developments on a national scale.

We would welcome the opportunity to present our work in further detail at the upcoming R&D Forum in 2019.

  • Evans, Mark (Research Facilitator, CRN West Midlands)
  • Hunt, Samantha (Research Facilitator, CRN West Midlands)
CRN West Midlands