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The Ups and Downs of the Feasibility Study: Phenotyping the Brecon Cohort

Introduction: A feasibility study is a useful assessment of a proposed study’s practicality and usefulness in determining a research outcome. The Brecon Cohort is a database of >97% of all children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) in Wales. Based around this unique dataset, a multi-disciplinary collaboration has been established to create a feasibility study to determine the optimal approach to phenotype children and young adults with T1D from the Brecon Cohort. It investigated the ease by which biological sampling can be conducted and which approach children and young adults prefer; clinic sampling, home sampling or a combination of the two.

Challenges: A secondary research site was required to determine if the study could successfully be rolled out in smaller diabetes clinics in Wales. Despite receiving grant funding to employ a dedicated research nurse, due to delays in study approvals additional research nurse support was required for the continuation of the study, along with trial management support.

Our Approach: The Diabetes Research Unit Cymru (DRU Cymru) were approached to support the research, providing study set-up, approvals, trial management and laboratory support for the duration of the study. The route to a fully-running feasibility study was far from smooth. Issues in recruiting and retaining a research nurse, a protracted approvals process, acquiring research support amongst other matters have nearly stalled the study several times. However with the rough, comes the smooth, with new sites and PI’s being brought into the study, portfolio adoption and recruitment targets being met to allow for full assessment of study feasibility.

Conclusion: Conducting a feasibility study has allowed us to determine what worked for the study and what did not, providing greater insight into study specific processes. This has allowed us to streamline the research process prior to applying for a larger grant.

  • DOWRICK, Sarah (Clinical Trials Officer: Diabetes Research Unit Cymru)
  • PARSONS, Sharon (Operational Manager: Diabetes Research Unit Cymru)
  • LUZIO, Steve (Operational Manager: Diabetes Research Unit Cymru)
Diabetes Research Unit Cymru