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Sharing And Developing Practice To Create A Research Induction Pathway


In April 2018 a research training needs analysis was carried out in Cardiff and Vale, benchmarking the provision of research training against research teams across the UK, and ascertain the greatest unmet training needs for research staff in the organisation. Staff identified that they would benefit from a structured induction programme during the first few weeks in post, and a competency framework to guide their learning. Research managers commented that a formal competency package that could be tailored to the individual’s role would help with planning training and development opportunities for staff.

The aim of induction training is to introduce staff to the importance of research, the roles in research, and the processes involved in research delivery. A team worked together to develop 3 workshops in December 2018. While planning training, it was important to consider how this would be delivered. It is a common experience of new staff to be initially overwhelmed by information. For this reason, induction training sessions are limited to 4 hours with an emphasis on staff interaction and group activities. Positive feedback was received from those who attended.

Induction training is supported by a workbook that directs learning and encourages staff to work with others to complete five activities. By the end of their first 4-6 weeks in post staff will have completed a number of research competencies by working through the activities and attending the induction workshops.

The UKCRF network induction framework was used to develop a research induction competency package. The framework itself is not intended to be used as a competency tool, by utilising a recognised competency tool alongside the framework, a competency document was produced. The pilot for this document will start in early 2019, with the plan to tailor competencies to individual roles and career progression beyond the first year. 

  • BOULT, Zoe (Senior Nurse Research Training and Education: Cardiff and Vale University Health Board)
Cardiff and Vale University Hospital