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A Recipe for Enabling Research in Non NHS Organisations

Just like the NHS, non NHS organisations should provide the best treatments for patients, carers and the community as a whole.  Research is the key to finding out the most effective treatments.  However, in non NHS settings there can be challenges which prevent participation in research.  These challenges can include the lack of HRA provision for studies involving non NHS organisations, issues with indemnity arrangements, the pressure to deliver on new service contracts and ensuring governance arrangements are in place.  Support from the local NHS R&D governance office in enabling these organisations to be research active.

Over the last 2 years, Bath Research and Development has supported Virgin Care in BANES to participate in a number of CRN supported projects.  We have also supported local social enterprises such as Sirona and Wiltshire Health and Care to become research active, taking on portfolio studies and high quality student research studies.  We are currently working with local Hospice Dorothy House to generate their own research portfolio in palliative care.

With the right tools, ingredients, methods and a sprinkling of perseverance, it has been possible to develop a research culture in new health and social care organisations which don’t fall under the NHS umbrella.   Recent years has seen the expansion of the provision of health and social care from the traditional model of hospital and GP surgeries, to include a range of providers from charities, councils, limited private partnerships and commercial entities.  We have also seen an increased shift of delivery of care in the community.  If research offices follow our recipe, they can provide these organisations the support they need to flourish and grow a healthy research environment, offering opportunities to a wide and diverse community population. 

  • Austin, Lisa, Dr., Research Manager, Bath Research and Development
  • Samantha Warren, Research Governance Facilitator, Bath Research and Development
Bath Research and Development