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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

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Creating a Research Mentor Network in the North East and North Cumbria

Objective: The CRN NENC supports almost 1,000 research staff across the region and a key strategy is to continue to build research workforce capacity and capability.

In many workplaces, staff benefit from working alongside someone with experience, and learning from their skills and expertise, particularly when new to a role.  In the CRN NENC, the broad range of roles and widespread geography mean that new staff may not have immediate access to the skills and experience that are so valuable to their development.

To be a mentor requires appropriate expertise and a desire to help others.  For those who are interested in becoming a mentor but aren’t confident they have the skills, training is offered.

The service is designed to be flexible around both mentor and client needs, allowing full control of individual profiles and capacity to ensure appropriate matching and workload management.

To ensure quality, mentors are asked to provide evidence of appropriate capability before they are added to the directory.  A robust quality assurance process, together with ongoing mentor development opportunities are also employed to maintain the quality of mentor provision.

The service is entirely voluntary and all participants must seek authorisation from their employers before engaging.

Summary: The Research Mentor Network is a service, open to everyone, designed to help staff develop their skills and research careers by connecting them with skilled and experienced research staff working in different organisations, specialties or roles, across the region. A sophisticated algorithm matches mentor and client profiles, to ensure the most appropriate connections are made, in terms of experience and expertise.

Take home message:  The poster highlights the service offering across the region to overcome this potential barrier to development, by enabling a region-wide network of research mentors.

  • Crook, David: Learning and Development Lead, NIHR CRN
  • Williams. Penny: Research Delivery Manager, NIHR CRN
NIHR CRN North East and North Cumbria