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Maximising talent: Sharing expertise and enabling self-development, a win-win

This innovative approach to research training, adds so much value.
Research staff busy day to day within their own role, are aware of wider research processes and roles outside of their particular work bubble, but often that’s all. Equally, research individuals in teams have an incredible amount of knowledge to give but have little self-development time. So we put these factors together and used our home grown talent within a new concept….

A Foundation in Research Practice, two day pilot course

….to demonstrate the expertise within Wales by delivering training through sharing experience and knowledge with other research staff of any discipline.
We developed the programme aimed at those within an NHS research role, giving attention to research team functions within comprehensive short training sessions. It is also a developmental opportunity for those staff delivering the workshop sessions- harnessing and developing their talent. The value to both proved significant.

The Health and Care Research Wales functions, services and infrastructure were showcased in interactive workshops, demonstrating the knowledge and experience within our research teams, shared with delegates from other research teams.

Impact and reflection

Feedback from delegates:
• I will definitely bring the knowledge I have learnt from training to my role.
• I have greater understanding of more aspects of research
• I feel very privileged to have been part of the pilot course
• This course will impact all aspects of my practice
• This course encourages excellent research practice

For trainers and delegates this novel knowledge exchange proved unique but valuable, further courses are planned due to demand. The trainer self-development in planning and delivering training is an ideal opportunity for personal growth. In turn the delegates acquired increased self and team value by gaining wider research frames of reference and understanding. Win-win, everyone benefits , #teamresearch

  • LANE, Lynette (Senior Training and Development Manager: Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Centre
Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Centre