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We are Capable and have Capacity!


The Study Support Service recognised the need to support local Trusts in making studies available to their patients during capacity issues within departments. Therefore, for a trial period of ten months, the CRN West Midlands Study Support Service team rolled out a Capacity and Capability (C&C) pilot to support our Trusts remotely via two Research Facilitators.


Support timely study set up in order to make them available to patients and public.  In order to measure this, the C&C pilot will run until 31 March 2019 and throughout this period Study Support Service will assess the impact the pilot has on Trusts via a feedback form.


Access to support is via a google request form and priority was given to Trusts who had short term capacity issues but had SOPs and IT access in place prior to the start date. Duration of support was between 2 and 6 weeks per organisation.


The feedback forms indicate 100% of Trusts would recommend the pilot to others.  All Trusts who completed the pilot said it was successful in achieving the aim and 50% expect to make changes to processes as a result of shared good practice.  Trusts highlighted how the pilot had helped them in getting ready to recruit to a variety of studies indirectly through the approval of amendments which allowed Trust staff to focus on setting studies up efficiently.  50% of Trusts needed support in entering data within EDGE and noted this to be the most useful aspect of the pilot.


With effective SOPs, IT and active EDGE use in place there is no reason why C&C activities cannot be supported remotely as long as there is a clear point of contact within each Trust whom the Facilitators can liaise with.

  • Naz, Mobeena (Study Support Manager: CRN West Midlands Study Support Service)
  • Grant, Shelley (Study Support Facilitator: CRN West Midlands Study Support Service)
  • Vassell, Elizabeth (Study Support Facilitator: CRN West Midlands Study Support Service)
CRN West Midlands