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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

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Fostering a Research Culture at a DGH Unit


To implement methods to improve research excellence at our unit (A urology unit at a District General Hospital)



The methods in which we aim to improve research excellence in our unit include

  • Electing a research lead in the department with an academic background
  • Fostering close ties with the Trust R&D department.
  • Building symbiotic relationships with local universities.
  • Holding monthly departmental research meetings to identify projects, delegate leads, discuss logistical support and obtain updates on ongoing projects.
  • Delegating projects to ‘mini-teams’ which may comprise of nurses, medical students, junior and senior clinicians, with a ‘top down approach’ in order to achieve project completion
  • Ensuring each large project has multiple arms, in order that ‘mini-team’ can function as standalone units, with data pooled/collected by each ‘mini-team’ to address a larger objective.
  • Mini-teams can comprise staff from project specific allied specialties.
  • Ensuring involving all foundation doctors in projects, which are a forgotten resource.
  • Creating a departmental goal and persevering to achieve it. For instance, aiming for ten abstract submissions for a specific national conference, or a set number of publications aimed at the end of the academic year.
  • Embedding research officers in the multidisciplinary teams
  • Having ‘a dedicated education hub/room’, dedicated to providing an environment to foster academia. To have a physical scale in the ‘education hub’, which shows the progress made towards achieving the target (publications/conference abstracts), with a stopwatch to deadline.
  • Promoting trainees and juniors to present at regional, national and international platforms using deadlines and pre-planning.
  • Promoting incentives, by sharing the department’s research success via platforms including Twitter




Promoting research at a DGH requires dedication, inspiration and team work. We hope to achieve success in our department by initiating these goals.

  • Quraishi, Mohammed (Kent & Canterbury Hospital)
  • Osman, Banan (Kent & Canterbury Hospital)
  • Shrotri, Nitin (Kent & Canterbury Hospital)
  • Kommu, Sashi (Kent & Canterbury Hospital)
Kent & Canterbury Hospital