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RDF19 Poster Detail

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Leadership and Shared Vision, how it Impacts on Research and Patient Experience

University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) employs more than 20,000 staff and treats 2.2m patients each year. It also has one of the largest NHS R and D (R&D) departments and the senior team structure is a vital element to the successful expansion of the department across the merged Trusts. Key operational posts that interlink are the Lead Nurse posts for R&D, the NIHR/WTCRF Clinical Manager post and the Business Operations posts that span both R&D and the CRF.
A robust reporting structure includes a fortnightly senior team operations group which discusses operational issues within R&D, and this group feeds into the R&D Committee which meets six times per year. The Board of Directors receives a bi-annual R&D report which outlines the current and planned work.
The R&D Lead Nurses manage approximately 23 research delivery teams who are based outside the CRF, whilst the clinical manager leads a team equal in size spanning a hub and spoke model across a variety of clinical areas, and these posts are a vital element to strong and expanding teams.
The business ops team are led by a senior manager, managing a large team of core administrative posts as well as providing business support for all aspects of R&D delivery. These key posts integrate with service delivery structures where the R&D and clinical teams merge on a daily basis and facilitate the establishment of new groups, sharing good practice such as speciality gantt charts and workload planning tools. The senior team form a Research Facilitation Group, have driven the development of R&DManager® and ensure transparency, leadership, engagement and a shared vision to deliver excellence in patient care.

  • Gray, Joanna Clinical Manager NIHR/WTCRF UHBFT
  • Plumb, Joanne Deputy Director RD&I UHBFT
  • McGlynn, Fiona Senior Manager RD&I, UHBFT
  • Dhariwal, Sarah Leas Research Nurse R&D UHBFT
University Hospitals Birmingham