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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

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Digital Revolution: How a Global Digital Exemplar Trust is Transforming Research

In this session we aim to share how Alder Hey as a Trust is engaging with the GDE Programme to meet its research-specific needs and improve efficiency, safety and quality. This includes:

  • Customising the electronic health record to include data used for screening potential participants
  • Using the electronic booking system to capture research activity to inform performance metrics and assist with income recovery by the Trust (and Research) Finance team
  • Capturing research activity and linking it to prescribing data and electronic medical records to enhance patient safety in research

These projects have all brought several Trust teams together (clinical and non-clinical) to implement innovative solutions encapsulated in a new Research Informatics strategy. The lesson learnt is that collaborative working is key and research teams should not be afraid to take on the digital domain.

  • KAPOOR, Gaurika (Operational Manager: NIHR Alder Hey CRF)
  • HAWCUTT, Daniel (Consultant in Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital NHS FT, Clinical Lead: NIHR Alder Hey CRF, Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology: University of Liverpool)
Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust