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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

Poster Title 
How the North East & North Cumbria are building research capacity and capability

The CRN NENC / HEE NE regional NMAHP strategy (2017-2020) highlights the need to sustain and develop the capacity and capability of our current and future clinical research delivery workforce. The strategy outlines 3 key objective areas to achieve this ambition. These were derived from an extensive consultation process and are considered as our innovative solutions to the challenges highlighted by NMAHPs. The objective of the poster is to highlight our achievements to date in the following 3 key objective areas:

1) The introduction of a CRN funded ‘Raising Research Awareness’ programme aimed to primarily provide regional opportunities for NMAHPs to increase their knowledge and skills within the field of clinical research delivery.

2) To support those NMAHPs who wish to further their academic attainment in clinical research, Health Education England North East (HEE NE) are financially supporting up to 10 staff to undertake the Post Graduate Diploma +/- Certificate or the Masters Dissertation module at one of the regions Universities.

3)   The 3rd element of our initiative relates to the creation of 2 year collaborative partnership Clinical Academic Leadership posts with equal funding contributions from HEI, NHS and CRN. We have recently agreed funding for 3 posts across 3 sets of organisations.

Summary: We will provide evaluations of the 1st cohort of the Raising Research Awareness Programme and detail the response to our offer of supporting post-graduate education. We will outline the role of the leadership post and highlight the 1st year objectives of the 3 appointees.

Conclusion/Take home message: Building capacity and capability requires a multi-faceted approach with endorsement at Executive level across the region.

  • DORGAN Sharon (Senior Strategic Manager: CRN NENC)
  • SHORT Kevin (Lead Nurse: CRN NENC)
  • CUNNINGHAM Nicky (Lead Research Nurse, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
Clinical Research Network North East North Cumbria