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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

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The Evolving Remit of Support Offered by the Early Contact Lead

This poster highlights the evolving role of the Early Contact Lead in provision of support to the research team. It outlines the remit of support on offer through the Early Contact service and how this has evolved in light of recent changes in NIHR strategy and guidance. The NIHR Digital Strategy and the new process to manage Excess Treatment Costs sit within the CRN WM Early Contact Leads (also AcoRD Specialists) remit in ensuring advice and support is aligned accordingly.


E-digital is a relatively new area for Early Contact Leads and the team has widened their remit of support to encompass e-digital at the same time as develop expertise within the team. The use of e-digital such as e-consent methods ensure a wider audience is targeted and therefore increases recruitment to clinical trials.


The change to the management of Excess Treatment Costs ensures that these costs are identified at the outset of a study preventing the frustration about the complexity and variation with previous arrangements. The Early Contact Lead provides the first point of contact to the research team and therefore must ensure tailored advice and support is provided to support the study along the research delivery pathway and successfully recruit to time and target.

  • HUNTER, Kirsty (Research Support Manager: CRN West Midlands)
CRN West Midlands