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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

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Enabling Research: GCP Training on your Doorstep!


The clinical research community conducting Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products (CTIMPs) are required to provide evidence of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training to ensure research is conducted in accordance with UK legislation. In addition researchers are often required to undertake multiple pharmaceutical industry courses. There was no Scottish GCP training available that was easily accessible to the research community and recognised by industry therefore many NHS Boards had to finance GCP training from external organisations.


This poster will outline the implementation of the NHS Research Scotland (NRS) GCP Training from the agreement by NRS and NHS Boards; development of GCP course programme and materials; structured framework for training NRS GCP Trainers and ongoing support; Quality Assurance oversight of course materials and trainers and productivity of the NRS trainers and the way forward.

Key Message;

In a time constrained environment a national programme has been developed through cohesive working and support of the NHS Boards, but mostly through the enthusiasm of the NRS GCP Trainers.

  • McDermott, Shona, (Education & Quality Lead: Glasgow CRF)
  • On behalf of NRS GCP Trainers Forum
NRS Good Clinical Practice Trainers Forum