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Social media to promote Paediatric research and the role of a research nurse.

Recently, I discussed three things I’ve completed this year via social media at a research specialty meeting, I’ve started a Research Nurse Blog, completed a twitter-chat for clinical trials day and tweeted throughout a whole month ‘spotlight on Paediatric research’ in October. When I asked how many used social media was shocked at how many midwives did not put their hands up to using it for research. I’m guessing this is the same for nurses too. I know very few of my colleagues who use this media to promote the work that they do. However the benefits far outweigh any of the negatives.

I started to blog as a 30 day challenge for transforming perceptions of nursing and midwifery, launched by Professor Jane Cummings the Chief Nursing Officer for England and Executive Director at NHS England. This coincided with the NHS70 therefore the team wanted 70 nurses and 70 midwives to blog promoting their profession, my personal challenge was to ensure Research nursing was a part of this.

Hosting a both a twitter chat during clinical trials day and  ‘spotlight on paediatric research’ month which consists of two blogs, two twitter-chats – retention of paediatrics into studies and research baby loss awareness week and a daily question regarding paediatric research during the month with the #WhyWeDoResearch community has opened many opportunities to me in such a small space of time. Benefits such as being able to be involved before and after work, lunchtimes and weekends. Able to network with patients, nurses, midwives, researchers not just locally, but nationally and internationally. Raising awareness, distribution of information quickly and having discussions around difficult issues in paediatrics and research. Having engagement with future Research nurses, student nurses, reaching out to a wider audience and promoting the NIHR brand and the CRN research team.

  • Kempson, Sharon (Senior Research Nurse: NIHR CRN WM)
  • Phipps, Marie (Research Nurse: NIHR CRN WM)
  • Charles, Lisa (Research Nurse: NIHR CRN WM)