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RDF19 Poster Details

RDF19 Poster Detail

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Valuing, rewarding and recognising the service user experience


Reward and recognition in PPI is important and the structure of payments for involvement has been achieved after a long and hard process of negotiation with government departments. Payment is seen as a means of attributing reward and value to the PPI contribution.

As a volunteer/lay researcher, one of the presenters feels strongly that not accepting payment should not diminish her value. Her authenticity as a service user researcher is paramount. Value for the individual PPI representative can be demonstrated in different ways. Payment is not the only token of value.

This presentation explores the concept of value and reward in the context of different service user roles in research.



The presenters have reviewed the evidence for reward and recognition of service user and carer involvement in research activity, and the impact of difference in value and power. The review has considered the impact that motivation, different types of reward and recognition, values and attitudes towards PPIE in research can impact on power relationships between the researcher community, and service users and carers.



The embedding of PPIE in research is fully accepted, but contentions among PPIE volunteers as to their role, remuneration, power and effectiveness, and the responsibilities of researchers towards their PPIE members exist as ‘the elephant in the room’.



PPIE members need support and recognition of their vulnerabilities as do employees in research teams. Paid or not, the transaction between health professionals and service users and carer volunteers has a power basis not always recognised by the health professional researchers.

  • Vicary, Penny -Lay researcher and visiting researcher, University of East Anglia; Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Trust.
  • Minogue, Virginia – NHS RD Forum leadership team; Independent consultant.
  • Cooke, Mary – Lecturer, University of Manchester.
NHS RD Forum Service User and Carer working group