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RDF19 Poster Detail

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Balancing the Books – using EDGE

The objective is to provide a demonstration of how our Trust has implemented the use of the EDGE database to manage income from research studies.

Although almost all Trusts in England use EDGE to track study performance, patient recruitment and study documents etc very few Trusts use the EDGE database to track study finances. We will present how we have utilised and implemented EDGE to manage our research study finances. We will give practical examples and screen shots of how we have set this system up, the difference it has made in our department and Trust, how we have engaged with our Trust Finance Department, pitfalls to avoid and R&D staff engagement andĀ  training messages. We will also provide a ‘take home’ guide for other Trusts/providers who would want to implement this at their place of work.

Conclusion: The EDGE finance tool is an easy to use system to track research income at every step in the research process, providing a full audit trail. It also is more efficient in reducing the amount staff timeĀ  spent on study finances and reduce the amount of invoicing errors.

  • PHILLIPS, Claire (R&D Manager: The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust)
  • HOLLIS, Helen (Research Co-ordinator: The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust)
  • JONES, Lesley (Research Support Officer: The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Angela Turner (Management Accountant: The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust)
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust