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RDF19 Poster Detail

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Preparing quality HRA applications – the challenge for non-commercial Sponsors

According to the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care, the Sponsor has overall responsibility for identifying and addressing poorly designed, poorly planned and poor-quality research proposals. North Bristol NHS Trust is the second largest NHS Trust in the West of England, and we agree to Sponsor an average of 21 new projects a year. Following publication of the Framework, we developed a tool to ensure the quality of applications made by our researchers to the Health Research Authority as a first step towards addressing poor-quality research.


The tool aims to ensure that research applications submitted to the HRA meet all of the HRA assessment criteria. Ultimately, we hoped that by making it easy for researchers to prepare good-quality applications that are HRA-ready, this would minimize approval HRA timelines for our studies. The tool has been incorporated into our local processes, and its’ completion is mandatory for all researchers requiring Trust Sponsorship for their studies.


Two years on, and the tool has been met with mixed reaction from researchers. Varied level of engagement by our researchers has resulted in ongoing challenges in ensuring the quality of our Sponsored studies, despite the tool aiming to address this.


In this presentation, we describe the tool and what it aims to achieve, as well as the challenges we have faced with its’ implementation. We also explore our future plans for reviewing its’ use within the Trust, and consider alternatives should the tool be rendered unworkable.

  • NOONAN, Donna (Clinical Trials Manager: North Bristol NHS Trust)
North Bristol NHS Trust