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2018 Speakers

2018 Speakers

 Anne-Laure Donskoy

Job Title: Independent Researcher & Consultant
Organisation: Independent


I came to research through the experience of using mental health services. This eventually brought me into contact with the survivor movement, user involvement, then user-led and collaborative health and social care research. My personal research interests combine both the psychosocial and political aspects of health and social care, specifically issues related to human rights, ethics (including philosophical dimensions and research ethics), and good practice in public and patient involvement (PPI) in general and in research and evaluation in particular. I have not only been involved in research as a patient by experience or as a user researcher, I have also ‘done’ PPI in research activities as the coordinator of a user-led research and evaluation project, and I have published papers and authored or co-authored book chapters on the topic. This informs and feed into my activism at local, national and European levels. I am also the co-founder and the co-chair of the grassroots organisation the3million which is working to safeguard the rights of EU citizens in the UK post Brexit (

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