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2018 Speakers

2018 Speakers

Professor Jack London

Job Title: Research Professor Cancer Biology & Informatics Director
Organisation: Thomas Jefferson University / Director informatic shared Resource, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Centre, Philadelphia


Jack London, PhD, is a Research Professor of Cancer Biology at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia (USA) and Informatics Director at Jefferson’s Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. He has been engaged for over 40 years in biomedical informatics research in the domains of bioinformatics, medical informatics, and health care information technology. He has worked on diverse projects including computer simulation of complex biochemical systems, radiology image system development, hospital information systems development, telemedicine, clinical trials management systems, and research tissue banking applications. His focus in recent years has been on research data analytics, and particularly applying a data-driven approach with real world evidence to clinical research. This work specifically integrates clinical, biospecimen, cancer registry, and “omics” data to support researchers in hypothesis generation and cohort definition, including the prediction of patient accrual to proposed clinical trials.

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