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2018 Programme

The 2018 Annual NHS R&D Forum was held at Celtic Manor from the 13th to the 15th May 2018. The Programme below shows the slide presentations were these have been made available.

Sunday 13th May 2018

Annual NHS R&D Forum Sunday Evening Workshop & Dinner

Welcome & Introduction
Evening Hosted by Nigel Rees

Archibald Leman Cochrane: Great Health Thinker and one time Ambulance attendant
Presenter: Nigel Rees (Director of R&D, Welsh Ambulance Trust)
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Building Professional Relationships – Through Trust Based Practice
Facilitator: Jo Hicks, Director of Academi Wales

ESMS Global are the 2018 Sunday Evening Networking Sponsor



Monday 14th May 2018

Monday Morning Workshops

Workshop 1: Implementing GDPR and Data Protection
Facilitators: Rachel Smith, MRC Chair of Regulatory and Policy Group & Dr Janet Messer, Director of the Approvals Service, Health Research Authority
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Workshop 2: Business Intelligence to inform Performance and Delivery
Facilitator: Viswin Mallayan, Business Intelligence Manager, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Workshop 3: Developing Mental Toughness – understanding our personal resilience
Facilitator: Zoe Sweet, Director of Organisational Development, Academi Wales
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Workshop 4: Regulatory Compliance – Computer system validation and more!
Facilitator: Balall Naeem, Inspector, MHRA
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Session 1 Plenary

Future focus: Informing care for the next generations

Welcome: Celebrating the value of research in health care
Presenter: Professor Mark Drakeford AM, Wales Cabinet Secretary for Finance

How research practice has changed: insights from the Caerphilly Prospective Study (CaPS)
Presenter: Professor John Gallacher, Director of the MRC-funded Dementias Platform UK, University of Oxford & Imperial College London
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The View From The Department of Health
Presenter: Dr Mark Toal, Deputy Director – Research Contracting, Information Intelligence and Stakeholder Engagement, Department of Health
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Tomorrow’s World: the NHS of the future
Presenter: Dr Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer for NHS Wales
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Chair: Dr Maria Palmer, NHS R&D Forum Director

Session 2 Breakouts

Session 2.1: Impact: making real world change through research
Facilitator: Dr Julie Bayley, Health Psychologist/Researcher and Dr Maria Koufali, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Nottingham University Hospitals
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Session Chair: Carys Thomas, Head of NHS R&D Strategy, Welsh Government

Session 2.2: BREXIT & Beyond

What we know and what we don’t know
Niall Dickson CBE, Chief Executive NHS Confederation/Co-Chair of BREXIT Health Alliance)
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What does this mean for research
Panel discussion chaired by Niall Dickson CBE with Dr Mike Galsworthy, Scientists for EU and Dr Janet Messer, Director of Approvals Service, HRA

Session Chair: Teresa Allen, Acting Chief Executive, HRA

Session 2.3: Improving compatibility in research set up and delivery across the UK
Facilitator: Dr Mary Cubitt, Programme Implementation Manager, HRA
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Session Chair: Dr Nicola Williams, Director of Support & Delivery, Health and Care Research Wales


Tuesday 15th May 2018

Session 3 Breakouts

Session 3.1: Culture and the wider system

Working with CQC to demonstrate the value of research in improving patient care
Presenter(s): Dr William Van’t Hoff (Clinical Director for NHS Engagement: NIHR) 
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Research Envoy internships: evaluation of a pilot programme for clinical staff
Presenter(s): Gail Melvin (Research Manager: Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust) Rekha Patel (Children’s Research Nurse: University Hospitals of Leicester)
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Session Chair: Dr Sarah Williams, Associate Director of Research & Improvement, Solent NHS Trust

Session 3.2: Credible communications

Who did you hear that from? The power of credibility in communicating research
Presenter(s): Alison Ford (Head of Engagement, NIHR Dissemination Centre) Steve Williams (Communications Manager, NIHR Dissemination Centre)
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Session Chair: Dr Shona Haining, Head of Research & Evidence, North of England Commissioning Support (NECS)

Session 3.3: Delivering research now

The advantages and disadvantages of developing a research nurse bank.
Presenter(s): Vianne Britten (Research Team Lead: Aneurin Bevan UHB), Sue Kearney (Trials Manager: Aneurin Bevan UHB)
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The National Clinical Research Nurse workforce – how is it structured?
Presenter(s): Dr Helen Jones. Head of Research Nursing, Royal Free London Hospital 
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Session Chair: Jayne Jones. Head of Research Delivery in North Wales

Session 3.4: Good research sponsorship 

How the UK is preparing for the EU CT Regulation – Update from the HRA
Presenter(s): Catherine Blewett (Research Ethics Service Manager: Health Research Authority 
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Collaborative working with NHS colleagues to manage HEI Sponsor oversight
Presenter(s): Dr Birgit Whitman (Head of Research Governance, University of Bristol) Jessica Bisset (Research Operations Manager, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust)
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Getting it right first time – Applications for HRA Approval
Presenter(s): Jennifer Harrison (Approval Change Manager, HRA) Charlotte Allen (Research Ethics Service Project & Support Manager, HRA)
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Session Chair: Professor Phillip Smith, Associate Director Research and Development, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Session 3.5: Maximising electronic systems

Admission Alert
Presenter(s): Jenna Edwards (Oncology Research Officer: Cancer Institute, Singleton Hospital, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board 
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Integrating Research within the Electronic Patient Record
Presenter(s): Christopher Bray (Head of R&D Operations: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) 
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Session Chair: Laura Bousfield, Head of Feasibility and Start-Up at the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre

Session 3.6: Partnership working for patients

Developing cross organisational partnerships to enhance research delivery
Presenter(s): Angela Birt (Industry Operations Manager: CRN NENC) 
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The North-East and North Cumbria LCRN Gastroenterology Industry Collaborative
Presenter(s): Jemma Fenwick (Research Operations Manager: NENC LCRN) 
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Diabetes Project for the West of England CRN
Presenter(s): Sharon Tovey (Diabetes Project Lead; NIHR) 
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The Somerset Research Collaborative
Presenter(s): Joanna Allison (Clinical Research Unit Manager/Lead nurse: Yeovil District hospital), Karen Tanner (Research Manager: Musgrove Park Hospital), Carinna Vickers (Lead Research Nurse, SOMPAR)
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Session Chair: Anne-Laure Donskoy

Session 4 Breakouts

Session 4.1: Perspectives in strategy

Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Health Professions Research Strategy
Presenter(s): Sharon Dorgan (Senior Strategy Manager, CRN North East North Cumbria) 
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Creating a person centered research strategy
Presenter(s): Rebecca Smith (Deputy Director of Research: North Bristol NHS Trust) 
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#PatientsIncluded .. working in partnership with patients in R&D
Presenter(s): Dr Sarah Williams (Associate Director of Research & Improvement, Solent NHS Trust) Mary Ramsay (Patient Partner, Solent NHS Trust), Ken Ebbens (Patient and Public Contributor, Solent NHS)
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Session Chair: Dr Virginia Minogue, NHS R&D Forum Executive

Session 4.2: Creating impact

Making research impact in the NHS visible: a tool for practice
Presenter(s): Judith Holliday (Head of Research & Innovation, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and ACORN Research Impact Fellow, CLAHRC YH) 
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Sustainability & Transformation Evidence Mobilisation ( STEM )club
Presenter(s): Dr Shona Haining (North of England Commissioning Support Unit) 
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Supporting the annual NIHR Researchfish submission
Presenter(s): Sarah Thomas (NIHR Researchfish Lead, Senior Research Manager – Impact, NIHR) , Michael Francis (Marketing Manager, Researchfish)
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Session Chair: Rachel Illingworth, Head of Research and Evaluation, Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group

Session 4.3: Attributing costs

Supporting research in the NHS: Cost Attribution and research set-up
Presenter(s): Alastair Nicholson (HRA), Laura Bousfield (Head of Feasibility and Start-Up, NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN))
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Session Chair: Janet Messer, Director of the Approvals Service, Health Research Authority

Session 4.4: Driving performance

Using NIHR validated workforce tools to determine capability & capacity at UHB
Presenter(s): Joanne Plumb (Head of R&D Operations, UHB NHS FT) , Sarah Dhariwal (Lead Nurse, Research, UHB NHS FT)
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A metric-based Performance Framework for monitoring and improving research
Presenter(s): Daniel Lawrence (Clinical Research Coordinator: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) Dr Dipak Patel (Research & Innovation Manager: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Lucy Wasinski (Clinical Research Coordinator: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
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Enhancing patient experience & outcome through the use of a research talent map
Presenter(s): Professor Phillip Smith (Associate Director Research and Development, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust) 
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Session Chair: Christine McGrath, Director of Research and Development, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Session 4.5: Developing the profession

Adding Value in Research: A developing framework for NHS R&D, improving impact.
Presenter(s): Dr Matt Westmore (Chief Operating Officer for the National Institute for Health Research Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC)) , Helen Payne (Senior Research Manager: NIHR Evaluation Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre)
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Building a learning and development programme for the R&D Forum community
Presenter(s): Dr Allyson Bailey (on behalf of the NHS R&D Forum Training & Learning Oversight Group) 
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Session Chair: Kate Greenwood, Manager NHS R&D Forum

Session 4.6: Delivering research in the new era

Clinical Trial Research in Precision Medicine Era: the Manchester City Approach
Presenter(s): Jack London (Research Professor Cancer Biology & Informatics Director, Thomas Jefferson University / Director informatic shared Resource, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Centre, Philadelphia) , Corinna Mossop (R&D Manager, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust)
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Introducing Gene Therapy trials into an NHS Trust
Presenter(s): Dr Lynne Webster (Head of the Research Office: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) , Elizabeth Mainwaring (Research Support Manager: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust)
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The use and regulation of healthcare data in the development of new technologies
Presenter(s): Will Navaie (Health Research Authority) 
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Session Chair: Jen Harrison, Change Manager, Health Research Authority

Session 5 Plenary

Update from the NHS R&D Forum
Presenter: Dr Maria Palmer, NHS R&D Forum Director
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Access to Medicines in the UK: how can we fix it?
Presenter: Leslie Galloway, Chair of EMIG (Ethical Medicines Industry Group)
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Never heard of you!: Shameless self-promotion and how to ‘Get Out There’
Presenter: Professor Philip Darbyshire, Professor of Nursing at Monash university, Victoria, Australia & Director, Philip Darbyshire Consulting Ltd.  Australia.
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Chair: Professor Jonathan Montgomery, HRA

Session 6 Plenary Session

A New Social Contract for Research
Presenter: Professor Jonathan Montgomery, Chair of Health Research Authority

Session Chair: Dr Nicola Williams, Director of Support & Delivery, Health and Care Research Wales