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2018 Posters

2018 Posters


Please click on the titles below to see a pdf version of the Poster. These open in a new tab/window.

A POP –UP approach to promoting research to patients and Public (click to view)

 Accessing Excess Treatment Costs in Wales (click to view)

 An Introduction of Principal Investigator pathway improving out of hours contact (click to view)

 Assessing the service quality of research delivery teams. (click to view)

 Becoming ’one’ of the team (click to view)

 Boundary Spanning In Practice – A research Teams Perspective (click to view)

 Challenging the research culture in a community trust (click to view)

 Clinical Research – Workforce Development Award 2017-18 (click to view)

 Collaborating For Success: A Research Community For Cardiff (click to view)

 Collaboration Enables Welsh Hospitals to Deliver Trial for New Cancer Treatment (click to view)

 Collaboration to raise awareness of clinical research activity (click to view)

 Collaborative Patient & Public Involvement & Engagement with our NIHR partners (click to view)

 Contractual Lifecycle of a Clinical Trial/Investigation/Study (click to view)

 Delegating data entry: a strategy to increase recruitment capacity (click to view)

 Developing future collaborative opportunities for research utilising NIHR RCF (click to view)

 Electronic Records v External Monitors – A solution! (click to view)

 Enhancing Feasibility: Linking Together (click to view)

 Evolution of the Workforce within the Research Environment (click to view)

 Getting Started with Research Audits (click to view)

 How North West London CRN has adapted to the implementation of HRA Approval (click to view)

 How the introduction of a Quality Assurance Lead improved the Quality Assurance (click to view)

 How we close the loop (click to view)

 Improving Opportunities to Participate in IBS Research; The ContactME-IBS Story (click to view)

 Increasing Primary Care Research Participation in Cardiff and Vale (click to view)

 Innovative endoscopy research within the Clinical Research Facility (click to view)

 Making Edge Work for your NHS Trust (click to view)

 Maximising Access into Clinical Trials (click to view)

 North Wales Clinical Research Centre (NWCRC) (click to view)

 One Year to Increase Communicating about Research & Development (click to view)

 Optimising a collaborative workforce within a DGH and wider community (click to view)

 Patient Identification Centre: Are we adding Value? (click to view)

 R-Peak: Greater Manchester Local Project Management System (click to view)

 Research activity and quality indicators in primary care (click to view)

 Research in the NHS – The Reality. (click to view)

 Smashing the Silo: an innovative approach to research workforce development (click to view)

 Staff attitude, patient feedback, and lasting improvements to the patient care (click to view)

 Supporting community research: Case examples of collaborative work (click to view)

 Supporting non-medical staff to combine a role in research and clinical practice (click to view)

 The Big Picture (click to view)

 The Challenges of Clinical Engagement in Research (click to view)

 The Diabetes Research Unit Cymru (DRU Cymru) Public Reference Panel (click to view)

 The HEAT is on! (click to view)

 The introduction of new research roles has facilitated research provision (click to view)

 The Journey for Community AHPs to Develop and Lead their own Research Project (click to view)

 The role of the Divisional Research Manager (DRM) in a large, dynamic NHS Trust (click to view)

 To Tweet or not to Tweet- Our reluctant revolution! (click to view)

 Validating research as a professional role (click to view)

 What difference does it make? A pilot survey to collect research impacts (click to view)

 Working at scale in Primary Care: Results from a North West London pilot scheme (click to view)