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2017 Speakers & Chairs

The NHS R&D Forum are pleased to announce that the following speakers will be presenting sessions at the 2017 Annual NHS R&D Forum Conference in Manchester on the 15th & 16th May 2017.

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Paul Charlton

Job Title: NIHR Patient Research Ambassador
Organisation: The Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk.


Paul Charlton has family experience of multiple health conditions, including life-limiting disease and early death. His personal narrative combines with a passionate advocacy for patient and carer and broader public involvement in health research. He illustrates that through his own involvement in research as well as in his poetry.
Many patients, become experts in the management of their disease, generating challenge to therapeutic presumptions and contributing to treatment decisions. Similar gains, Paul asserts, are generated by involving patients in health research, from clinical trial design through to translation of study outcomes into practice. Empowering patient, as well as carer and family involvement means value is added to research, not only by including involvement impact as an outcome measure but, most importantly, through researcher acknowledgement of the power of parallel patient insight.
Paul’s has some seven years of research involvement and his current roles include as an NIHR Patient Research Ambassador based at The Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk.

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