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2017 Programme

We are delighted to provide the slides from the 2017 Annual NHS R&D Forum Conference. Click on the name of the presenter to view the slides.



Welcome & Introduction from the NHS R&D Forum: Our Strategy & Our Value

Maria Palmer
Plenary Session One
Adding Value Together & On the Horizon Louise Wood

Jonathan Sheffield

Lynn Kerridge

Breakout Sessions 1
1.1 Research Integrity & Responsible Research James Parry
1.2 Research for Patients First: Joining up the Dots Liz Philpotts & Ginny Acha
1.3 Leaving the EU: Impact & Influencing Sarah Collen

Leslie Galloway

Breakout Sessions 2
2.1 100 Reasons Not to Do Research: The Case for Demonstrating Value That Matters   Sarah Williams
2.1 Reimagining the R&D role: making the shift from the operational to the strategic David Birch
2.2 Unleashing awesomeness through team transformation Kate Cheshire
2.2 Optimising choice and opportunity for all Holly Maguire & Beryl Davis
2.2 A New Research Delivery Team 12 months on Wendy Cook & Tracy Wood
2.3 NHS Digital Reform: Enabling Clinical Trials? Jason Wakelin-Smith
2.3 Data Governance in the New Era Martin Severs
2.4 Research all of Me Lee Tomlinson & Sarah Dickens
2.4 Mental Health Research in the NHS “ collaborating to make the case Ian Bradshaw
2.5 Roles Responsibilities & Ethics implications of PPI in co-design Anne-Laure Donskoy
2.6 Meeting Financial Challenges Helen Cox, Charlotte Bailey, Amna Shah
2.6 Using Edge for Finance Zoe Booth & Paul Harvey
Breakout Sessions 3
3.1 UK wide consistency and IRAS developments Mary Cubitt
3.1 Future Focus on GCP training and e-Consent Jane Thompson
3.2 The role of research and development managers in reducing waste in research Virginia Minogue & Bill Wells
3.2 Adding Value to research potential: indicators, monitoring, and collaboration Helen Payne
3.3 Six words that can capture your Trust Board’s attention Christine McGrath
3.3 Can I have a word please? Chris Stock
3.3 Increasing patient benefit through gaining University Status for NHS Trusts Phillip Smith
3.4 Building Research Infrastructure in Social Enterprises Nat Wright & Phil McEvoy
3.4 Life in the Fast Lane: Collaborating to deliver Research in Ambulance Services? Nigel Rees
3.5 Improving access to research in mental health:  Everyone Included an update Bryony McCann & Clare Durant
3.5 Count Me In. Making participation in research accessible to all Chantel Ostler
3.6 Exploring the way in which R&D have engaged with the CRN on initiatives Jane Greenaway & Julie Rowbotham
3.6 Has HLO1 had a counterproductive impact upon the quality of research in the NHS?  Paul Roberts
Plenary Session Three
Adding value, working better together   Helen Bevan